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Brown, Leslie Allison Aboriginal governments are organizations like any other, but they have some important differences that stem from the cultures of aboriginal peoples and the history and construction of aboriginal governments in Canada. Berze, Ottilia E. Many people do not like thinking about the future. Assessing the impacts of rural electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Ethiopia. Aragaw, Mekonnen Lulie This study links rural electrification and the transition to modern energy services with poverty reduction and rural development in Ethiopia.

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Benefits of rural electrification in reducing poverty and accelerating rural Mitchell, Amber Risha Turner The objective of this thesis is to explore the factors that enhance collaboration in the interdisciplinary environment of front-line addiction and mental health care. This research will explore these factors by posing the Breen, Coralie Elizabeth Given the urgency of climate-change and the speed and scale of the structural transition to a low-carbon economy, there is a critical need for research that accelerates the diffusion of learning in the field of employment Barnes, Maria Paulette With a history going back to the beginning of this century, issues of accountability and fiscal responsibility — often under the guise of program evaluation or review — have been at the forefront of decision-making in Canada's Oceans Act.

Macdonald, Nicol Hunter, Mary Theresa Vakil, Thea This study of public service reform examined how the Liberal BC government attempted to convince public servants to adopt private sector-type work values referred to in this study as contemporary values. To accomplish Richards, Garrett Ward Why is it that the international scientific consensus on climate change has not been followed by a proportionate policy response in Canada?

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Lei, Cecilia. In a world that is moving at a feverish pace toward regional economic integration, much has yet to be understood about the process. In particular, research that delineates key factors in preventing, mitigating or resolving Covert action : a useful tool for United States foreign policy? Uram, Derek Andrew.

The taught component requires satisfactory completion of the following courses as part of a training programme in the theory of public policy and in research design and methods:. The assessment for each module shall consist of a formal assignment of 5,, words or equivalent.

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Candidates are required to achieve a pass mark 50 per cent in the assessment for each module. There is no compensation offered for failed work. The proposal includes a literature review.

Candidates who fail to satisfy the Examiners in any of the above courses may be re-examined on such terms as the Senate, on the recommendation of the University, may decide. Candidates may normally be re-examined on one occasion only. Admission to the research element of the course is normally dependent upon successful completion of the taught component.

Candidates who complete successfully the taught programme but who do not successfully complete the thesis may be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or Masters in Public Management. The taught component uses new modules based on existing modules for Masters in Public Management, but taught as a three day block.

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Candidates are required to submit a thesis of a minimum of 60, words and a maximum of 80, words on an approved topic or up to three inter-related topics. Where the thesis covers more than one topic, the minimum number of words for each topic is 20, The submission should also be accompanied by evidence that the taught programme has been satisfactorily completed. The degree of Doctor of Public Management will be conferred on candidates who have completed the taught programme, submitted a thesis in a form and of a standard as outlined above.


A candidate for the degree of Doctor of Public Management whose thesis fails to satisfy the Examiners may, by permission of Senate on the recommendation of the Examiners and the University, be allowed to:. A candidate proceeding under this regulation shall normally be required to pursue a further course of directed study for a specified period that will not normally exceed one calendar year. Candidates who re-present their thesis again and fail to satisfy the Examiners may be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma or a Masters in Public Management without further periods of study. The qualification of Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy may be awarded to a candidate who registers for the DPP, but who wishes to withdraw early from the programme, provided that the candidate has passed modules amounting to credits and has achieved an overall average in those modules of 40 per cent.