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Several jurors show that they are virtually incapable of considering the matter fairly and listening to opposing points of view. Juror 7, whose only desire is to get out of the room quickly, is clearly unfit for jury service. Juror 3 insists that there is nothing personal in his negative comments about the defendant and that he is merely sticking to the facts. He denounces the arguments put forward by Juror 8 as emotional appeals. He is dominated by his own emotions arising from his bad relationship with his son. Because of this, he cannot look at the case dispassionately.

He harbours an unconscious desire to vicariously punish his son by convicting the defendant, who is of similar age.

12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose

Juror 8, on the other hand, refuses to let emotions interfere in the case. Unlike Juror 3 and Juror 10, the bigot, he brings no personal agenda to the deliberations and is solely interested in ensuring there is no miscarriage of justice. There are 2 sides to an issue for and against. Each author reveals their own values through the characters in the text. Positive values are often associated with characters that hold a positive viewpoint that is more likely what the author thinks. Whereas characters that hold a negative viewpoint are often rejected by the author.

The jury is sent to a hot, crowded room to deliberate. The Characters in the Play: Instead of organizing the jurors in numeric order, the characters are listed in the order they decide to vote in favour of the defendant. Juror 2: He is the most timid of the group. Juror 7: A slick and sometimes obnoxious salesman, Juror 7 admits during Act One that he would have done anything to miss jury duty. Juror He is an arrogant and impatient advertising executive. Juror 1: Non-confrontational, Juror 1 serves as the foreman of the jury.

Juror The most abhorrent member of the group, Juror 10 is openly bitter and prejudice. Juror 4: A logical, well-spoken stock-broker, Juror 4 urges fellow jurors to avoid emotional arguments and engage in rational discussion. Juror 3: In many ways, he is the antagonist to the constantly calm Juror 8. The Triumph and Fragility of Justice in Twelve Angry Men The play is, in one sense, a celebration of justice, showing the workings of the American judicial system in a favourable light. Add to cart. Wish List.

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A basic outline for an essay on the story "12 Angry Men". Students needed to answer the question: Which of the Juror's was the most influential in the outcome of the case? This outline can be printed, filled in, and thes rewritten on loose leaf or typed. Activities , Outlines. As the jurors discuss the case, their biases become clear. For example, jurors 3 and 10 hav. Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment , Graphic Organizers. Everything you need to start a 3-week drama unit tomorrow! Students will build background knowledge about the legal system, study character development and theme, and make real.

English Language Arts , Drama , Literature. Challenge your students to really connect with the characters in this film by thinking critically about each thought-provoking questions on the. Life Skills , Critical Thinking , Writing. Study Guides , Worksheets , Movie Guides.

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English Language Arts , Reading , Drama. Activities , Handouts , Novel Study. This is a complete, page unit that is based on the play 12 Angry Men. It includes a daily layout that incorporates everything from a political cartoon analysis, movie clips from two different versions of the play, a character tracking chart, vocabulary and literary terms, juror name tags for rea. Activities , Assessment , Classroom Forms. This assignment deals with choosing 3 jurors and discussing the reasons how, why, and when they changed their initial votes. There is an overview of the assignment, a worksheet for organizing the requirements of a 5 paragraph essay, a peer response form, and the grading rubric.

I also have a packe. Novel Study , Rubrics. Includes pacing guide, pre-reading, film essay, activities, reading quizzes, notes, posters, author study, character analysis and discussions. This unit plan contains everything you need to add relevance and rigor to 12 A. Literature , Writing , Reading Strategies. Show 8 included products. In "12 Angry Men," a lone and courageous juror convinces 11 others that a young man accused of the murder of his father should be found not guilty because of reasonable doubts about the strength of the evidence against him.

Literature , Writing , Writing-Essays. Lesson Plans Individual. Activities include writing, character analysis, and various projects that students enjoy and connect with the play. They have no sympathy with examining the social causes of crime and simply want to get tough on the criminal. But the play shows that both liberal and conservative positions are essentially irrelevant in deciding whether the boy is guilty. The jurors must transcend their political differences and work together to find out the truth.

In this sense, the play is a microcosm of democracy at work. Everyone has their say, and everyone works together to further the common good, which, in this case, is the administration of justice. It is Juror Eleven who makes this connection between the American judicial system and the democracy that, as an immigrant, he loves and respects because it is so different from what he knew in his home country. He emphasizes that everyone must play their part in it: "We have a responsibility.

This is a remarkable thing about democracy…. We have nothing to gain or lose by our verdict. This is one of the reasons why we are strong. The play has only one setting, the jury room, though both films and later stage productions added a washroom. Props are minimal, consisting mainly of a long conference table and twelve chairs. The room is hot and humid, since there is no air-conditioning and the fan does not work. The atmosphere is claustrophobic, and the men are understandably short-tempered. This confined setting helps produce the basic rhythm of the play: a juror or several jurors will provide exposition, reviewing some of the details of the case, and this will be followed by a flare-up, in which jurors express sharp disagreements and engage in bad-tempered exchanges.

These, in turn, are followed by a quieter phase as tempers calm, before more exposition sets the rhythm in motion again. In this way, the static setting, in which no one comes or goes, is overcome by the dramatic rhythm inherent in the dialogue. The static setting is also mitigated by the way the director has the actors move around the stage as the arguments ebb and flow. In the film version, the heat of the room is conveyed by the jurors shown with their shirts visibly stained with sweat.

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This also contributes to characterization, since Juror Four, who remains calm and rational throughout, does not sweat. After the thunderstorm cools the room a little, the sweat dries up, except in the case of Juror Three, which conveys something about his tense, emotional state of mind. Film provides opportunities a stage director does not have; in the film, the director Sidney Lumet achieves movement and variety by frequently varying the camera angles.

The changes in camera angles multiply as the dramatic tension increases. Also, Lumet progressively lowers the level from which the movie is shot.

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The first third is shot from above eye level, the second third at eye level, and the last third from below eye level. In the last third, the ceiling of the room begins to appear, giving a sense that the room is getting smaller.

Lumet's use of progressively longer lenses also contributes to the seeming diminishment of the room. Lumet began with normal-range lenses of 28 to 40 millimeters and then progressed to , , and millimeter lenses. The length of the lens refers to the focal length, or the distance from the focal point to the lens.

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  7. The longer lens alters the relationships of subject and background, giving the impression in the film that the walls are closing in and also making the table look more crowded, thus adding to the atmosphere of claustrophobia. The decade of the s is sometimes known as the golden era of television, largely because thousands of live dramas were broadcast during that time. These dramas supplemented the standard television fare of variety shows, westerns, and soap operas. It was during this period that television replaced radio and film as the chief medium of entertainment for the American family.

    Rose recalled in an interview the challenging but rewarding nature of television drama in the s: "It was a terrifying experience, but very exhilarating. But there were always mistakes….

    12 Angry Men - Analysis

    Rose recalls cameras breaking down and shows that ran either too long or too short to fill the exact time slot allocated. There was great variety in the content of these dramas. Most, however, were original dramas. The constant demand for new plays provided a fruitful creative outlet for writers, directors, and actors in the new medium. Television drama offered actors who were not well known in movies their first national exposure. Directors such as John Frankenheimer , Robert Altman , Sidney Lumet , and Sidney Pollack, who would later become known for their work in film, began their careers directing television dramas in the late s and s.