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The young nuns learn to read and write and are fed and clothed.

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When they reach the age of 18, they can decide if they want to continue the life of a nun. Polio is a highly infectious virus that cripples those children it does not kill. In the World Health Organization WHO declared it had contained polio to three countries, and was close to eradicating it completely. Local leaders of predominantly Muslim pockets in Nigeria rejected immunization efforts for different reasons.

“I Was Viewed As the Problem Child”

The governor of Kano, Nigeria, warned that the U. Global authorities feel they have one last, best chance to conquer this disease.

Governor Shekarau has reversed himself, declaring his support for a new polio vaccine, and President Barack Obama, in his landmark Cairo address to the Arab world, announced a new anti-polio initiative to be undertaken in cooperation with the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Since the ban of the polio vaccine, over Nigerian children have been cripple with polio and over 20 countries have been re-infected with the Nigeria strain of polio. Girls usually live in quarters in the back of the drayang. While experience has shown that to teach a girl in the developing world to read is to teach a whole family, Pakistani girls and women rarely get an opportunity to go to school and most remain illiterate.

Afghanistan finds itself adding opium addiction to its long list of problems. Women are an endangered species in India.

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Sons are preferred in India because boys will be more prosperous and take care of their aging parents. They carry on the family name and are the ones to inherit family wealth. Girls are seen as a drain on family resources. Many women rely on illegal ultrasounds to determine sex, leading to the aborting of girl fetuses.

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The long-term effects are coming to fruition; orphanages filled with girls, schools filled with boys, villages with shortages of brides. The estimated one million illegal immigrants that pass over the border of the United States each year easily blend into the melting pot that is a US city. It is the task of federal agents of the US Department of Homeland Security to detect, detain and deport the millions of illegal foreign nationals in the US. They are called Guardian Angels and the mission of these US Air Force para-rescuemen is not to drop bombs, but to save lives and bring home troops doing battle in Afghanistan.

Sexual Assault Survivors Are Pushing The Military To Have Its #MeToo Moment

All are trained trauma medical technicians who can perform rescues under enemy fire. These are the things we do so that others may live. Fistula is a debilitating condition in which women injured in childbirth uncontrollably leak a trail of urine or feces. While a delivery by caesarian section prevents obstetric fistula, in sub-Saharan Africa such medical procedures and prenatal care rarely exist.

As many as three million women, many in Ethiopia, suffer the devastating effects of this injury, while being shunned by the patriarchal society of their clans and villages. The Bahar Dar Fistula Hospital is one of the few refuges for these suffering women. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier.

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  5. In a country plagued by decades of violence, rape has become the weapon of choice on both sides of the ongoing civil unrest; it is cheaper than bullets and is guaranteed to leave a community subservient or destroyed. Rape has been a tool of war since the beginning of time, but what is different in Congo is the systematic nature of this crime and the numbers of women being attacked.

    Tens of thousands of women have been raped in Congo in the past 10 years of civil war, most of them gang-raped. According to the United Nations Population Fund, an average of 1, rape cases are reported each month. The future of Congo remains uncertain. Each new battle between government forces and rebel militias leaves behind the scar of more brutalized women and girls.

    The rape epidemic continues to jeopardize the chances for recovery from this brutal war. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most desperate countries in the world to be a child. Despite abundant natural beauty and fertility, armed conflict and related hunger and disease have killed an estimated 5 million people here since — a veritable second Holocaust that the International Rescue Committee says claims 45, new lives every month.

    The smallest victims and survivors of this catastrophe are children. All individuals are assigned to a SAPR Advocate; to assist them with the different treatment options that are available to them and to educate them about their rights.

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    Services include: developing a safety plan, assessing the victim's medical needs and referrals to the appropriate health care provider. They also provide information on resources civilian and military that are available to them, information on the sexual assault forensic examination, and information on the military disciplinary system. Typically each installation has a phone number to contact a SAPR advocate. An Unrestricted report is for victims who want to pursue an official investigation about the incident. A Restricted report can be reported to a SARC, victim advocate, health care provider, and in same cases, a military Chaplain, all of which contain a confidentiality clause.

    Victims will still be able to receive medical treatment and support but the incident will not be reported to law enforcement or to the service member's chain of command. Typically the victim is referred to a SAPR Advocate so that they may assist the victim in the options they have and to help them seek the care and support they need.

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