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Sehrish Naseem Speaks about Gender Equality in Pakistan

Nice dear I had also attempt the essay " gender equality as a myth". The first target of gender inequality is female education. Women are deprived of their right to education. They believe that their daughters will become rebellious after getting education and lead a life of their own choice. Thirdly, some consider if against their culture to sends girls to school. As a result girls become dependent on others and boys excel in life.

In this knowledge oriented world, how can an equal status of equality be achieved for women without imparting in them knowledge through formal schooling? The result would be dependence on men, especially economic dependence. Our modern society is organised on class system, in which status and dignity is derived from wealth and Power one possesses. Forget about women; even men are stratified on the basis of class system. Then how women can gain status of equality in the absence of powerful stimulus to respect i.

Economic dependency of the women largely contributes to their unequal status.

Those who are educated are not allowed to work by their male vanguards, the result is dependency and perpetual inequality. Recent studies have concluded that working woman has higher respect and status at home than the woman confined to house. Even where girls try to throw the yolk of economic dependency, they find themselves at a disadvantageous position in finding a suitable job for themselves.

Firstly, there are few economic opportunities for women. Employer prefers to give a job to male applicant rather than a female applicant. A woman may have to leave a job after her marriage because her husband may be living at some other city or place. She may also have health issues, especially during pregnancy, obliging her to take long leave from work. To avoid these issues and to ensure the continuity of service employers first choice is a male candidate. This greatly reduces the prospect of finding a good job.

Secondly, women are considered not appropriate for many professions and employers prefer male candidate. Society deliberately put may professions out of the reach of women. In Pakistan, for instance, even the noble profession of advocacy is considered exclusively for men.

As a result, women are left with few choices to pursue their career. Even politics is not considered good for women. The platform for formulating laws and policies of any country is its parliament. Unfortunately, here too, women are under-represented. There is gender gap in politics, throughout the world. The most advanced country of the world i. United States of America is still waiting for her first female head of government.

United Kingdom only twice have a female premier. In Pakistan too, the portion of women elected on open seats are negligible. Most of the women are elected through an indirect system. These women, belonging to aristocratic families are unable to contribute in a meaningful way as a true voice of women. Another important aspect which testifies an unequal status of women , is the physical treatment meted out to the women.

Women are subject to the domestic violence at homes, sexual harassment at work places and acid victims on roadsides. Beating of women by her husband is culturally approved in many parts of Asia and Africa. They are subject to all sorts of torture i. Similarly, at work places women are subject to sexual harassment, especially those who are working in lower cadres as workers. Sub-continent is also witnessing another unique type of violence against women i.

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Why there is always violence directed against women. Why not other way around? The answer is simple; women have a low status because modern society is male oriented; accordingly, culture of these societies give men absolute right over women, because women are uneducated and are economically dependent on men and have no voice at power corridors.

Another facet of violence against women is forced marriage. Almost all religions of the world give women right to enter into marriage contract with their free will. Yet, the influence of culture is so strong that women in most developing countries are not consulted while finalization of their marriages proposals.

In fact, to raise a voice against the proposed marriage is considered as a grievous sin. Further, there are double standard of society with regard to morality of men and women. Men have been able to impose their own version of morality over the female. Women are persecuted by men for being immoral. Thus, we saw honour killing of women by men in South Asia generally and in Pakistan particularly. These crimes against women not only have cultural approval, but also have recognition from the legal systems.

Laws of many countries are silence on the rights of women. Some have even enacted tyrannical laws against women. For instance, in Sudan women can be subject to flogging publicly by a police official for not covering her hairs. In Saudi Arabiait is a crime for female to drive a vehicle on roads. Federal public service commission competitive examination. These exams have no one specific answer per student. Pakistan has pretty big young synthesis research paper but css forum essay past papers as compare to other emerging markets like china, mexico, css even India.

There are no opportunities for youth to utilize their capabilities or abilities in right direction. Ways and means to ensure freedom of speech with re sponsibility. While answering the question, keep in mind not to overload your paper with references from Quran and Hadith, rather use relevant references to back up your arguments.

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