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She is also experienced in coaching design thinking and creativity techniques in various organizations. Moreover, she investigates the possibilities of new technologies for design research in general and emotion measurement in particular. Her background is in psychology, statistics and neuroscience.

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Mafalda Casais Mafalda has a background in illustration, graphic design and industrial design MSc. Her PhD research at TU Delft focuses on the symbolic value of household products, its influence on personal values, behaviour and self-expression and its contribution to subjective well-being of the user. Having a strong interest in the area around Psychological Wellbeing and Design Innovation, She integrates a critical and speculative design approach with a more empirically driven and principled manner in her research and creative process.

With the experiences in both academia and industry, her strength is also translating research into sustainable design impact, with practical output. Then, in her master thesis, she focused on the empathic abilities of design students. Her aim is to make the education better and to hopefully give inspiration to students, educators and designers.

He previously studied industrial design in Politecnico di Milano. He likes to explore the boundaries of design and discover new areas where design can have a meaningful impact. Previously, he has studied Industrial Design at the same university.

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He believes that the essence of designing lies in critical thinking, empathy and focusing on the small, 2mm shifts. She has a background in Industrial Design from Beijing. In her study, based on project Mood Regulation, she explores the correspondence between moods and their physical representations. She founds that positive design can complement the more technology-oriented approach of her master programme. For her, design is a means to improve the quality of lives of people who need it the most. This steered her in the direction of healthcare and medical design.

He believes that people could sometimes use a little help in enhancing their wellbeing and that of people around them. Inspired by psychological theory on behaviour and human needs, he seeks to design ways in which people can gain new perspectives on the world. And through this new set of glasses, a sustained feeling of wellbeing. The student carries out the thesis project independently, with the guidance of one or more thesis supervisors, at least one of them from the scientific staff of Delft University of Technology, and under the responsibility of the full or associate professor who approved the IEP.

With regard to the thesis project, the thesis supervisor may impose additional conditions on the IEP to be met before starting the thesis project. If desired, an internship or an extra project can be used as a preparation for the thesis project. If so, there should be a clear separation in scope and a separate deliverable such that the thesis project can be clearly evaluated in isolation.

Below you find a short description of the different steps to be taken during the thesis work: 1. Orientation 2. Kick-off meeting 3. Midterm meeting 4. Green-light review 5. Graduation Day defence, assessment and graduation ceremony. The Graduation Work consists of a graduation project, a thesis report, a summary of the report and a final presentation.

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The Master's Thesis Project takes place at the end of the second year and covers a period of approximately half a year. Students have to carry out an individual project to round off the CME programme.

Doing a MSc thesis at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in Computer Vision / Deep learning

The subject for the research project may be chosen in respect to, or independent from, a specific area of technology and possible elective profile, though students are stimulated to find some connectivity in their choices. Within this project, students must demonstrate their capacity for academic analysis, synthesis, design, reflection and written communication on a particular issue in the field of management, engineering and policy analysis.

The student can start the Master's Thesis Project after at least two members of the thesis committee have approved the draft project proposal and the student has filled out the application form MSc CME. The student starts with an orientation phase that will lead to a detailed Master Thesis Project Proposal. After 3 and before 5 weeks orientation the student presents during a kick-off meeting this Thesis Project Proposal to execute the CME Master thesis project.

After a successful kick-off meeting the student may start with the actual execution of the Thesis Project. During the project the student will work towards the results of the thesis project and a compilation of project documents that the student will use to write a thesis report.

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The thesis committee or the student may organize two mid-term meetings to guide the progress of the project. When the project is almost finished a green-light meeting is held [green light meeting].

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During this meeting the student can get a green light to organize his or her final thesis project defense. The work should at least be sufficient to pass without any adjustment, but of course expected improvements on both thesis project results and thesis document, suggested by the thesis committee should be considered to be incorporated.

The student finalizes the thesis project in respect to the agreements made during the green light meeting. During the [final defense meeting] the student gives a final presentation to defend the final project results. If all results, including the defense and presentation, are sufficient the diploma and final grade for the thesis project as a whole will be handed out.

Students are required to make the thesis report available in both hard- and soft copy. More detailed and essential information about the Master's Thesis Project can be found in "Guideline Graduation Thesis" available at room 3.

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Final Thesis Resource Engineering. Each AES Master program will be concluded with an individual graduation thesis: a research project reported in a graduation thesis. The subject of the graduation project is to be decided jointly by the student and the graduation coordinator or a staff member. The graduation research project can also take place at an external company or research institute. In any case, the graduation coordinator remains responsible for the quality requirements of the project and the supervision.

The graduation subject will be within the area of the specialization.

  1. Intelligent Vehicles.
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  3. Planning for a Sustainable Urban Future.
  4. Structural Engineering.
  5. The research results will be presented in public to the graduation committee colloquium by means of a 25 minute lecture, after which questions can be posed.